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Kasco Marine Replacement Motors

Absolute Aquatics has Kasco Marine replacement motors and parts.

Please call or use the contact us tab on the bottom right side of the page. We need to know the following information in order to quote a price.

  1. Serial # if you have it.
  2. Model # and cable footage. - (A model # example) 3400VFX= 3/4hp Aerating fountain with the V pattern.

NOTE: If you have a Kasco Fountain, Aerator, or Circulator with a 12 guage or 10 gauge power cord; The unit has a 24inch stub cord.(also known as a pig tail). 

Please specify if this is the case. You can reuse the old cord that runs from the unit and back to your power control box. You would recieve a new motor with a new stub cord that can be reconnected to your existing power cord.

Units with 25ft, 50ft, 100ft come with a new power cord.

If you can't determine the model, please call and we'll help you determine what you have. To request additional information, click here.



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