Bearon Aquatics FLO-RATION Areator

Bearon Aquatics FLO-RATION Areator

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120 Volt cord length max is 150 Feet

The 3 in 1 aeration system... Oxygen loss can devastate your business. Loss of plant and fish life happens most often at night or in stagnant waters.

With a 1-hp motor, Flo-Ration is powerful without a lot of energy.

Flo-ration takes water from below the surface, utilizing motorized propellers that draw the water in an upward direction through the cylinder, thus creating better water flow and/or breaking the surface of the water column, depending on the angle of the cylinder.


  • Unit is available in a 1-hp motor, dual propeller running at 8.2 Amps for a 120V & 4.1 Amps for a 240V, and both are capable of running 50/60 cycle. This unit can be specified for a 1 or 3 phase multi-position type aerator.
  • Unit shall consist of motor assembly, heavy-duty PVC shroud and pontoons.
  • Motor is designed for corrosion-free operation in fresh or salt water. Motor exceeds NEMA specifications and is UL and CSA compliant. C.E. Certified.
  • Custom brackets will attach motor housing to shroud. All stainless bolts and locking aircraft nuts are to be used.
  • Unit's steel frame has been primed and twice powder-coated for extra protection against corrosion.
  • Unit's pontoons are made from HDPA (High Density Polyethylene).
  • Unit comes with a 2-year warranty.

Motor assembly shall consist of motor housing, bronze end bell, electronic motor, start/run components, seals and dielectric lubricating fluid. The motor housing shall be constructed of 16 gauge #304 stainless steel and the end bell shall be cast bronze for corrosion-free operation in either fresh or salt water. The electric motor, with matched necessary start/ run components shall sit inside the motor housing, immersed in the dielectric lubricating fluid, with the shaft extending through the bronze end bell. The motor shall have stator windings with double impregnation of baked insulating varnish, and two heavy-duty ball bearings to provide support for the rotor. The motor shaft shall be #303/#304 stainless steel (not plated), with motor shaft flinger to prevent sand and dirt from accumulating around the end bell. The assembly shall also contain an internal, heavy-duty, hard-faced mechanical seal with stainless steel components to keep assembly watertight, and an additional seal pressed into the bronze end bell at the shaft opening to protect against sand and dirt abrasion.

Individuals should not enter water when unit is in operation.

Bearon Aquatics is committed to providing the finest fountains/aerators available in the marketplace.

Go from murky waters... to clear waters & healthy fish

Purpose & Positioning

Flo-Ration is used to increase the level of oxygen saturation within a body of water, addressing the needs of water treatment and quality by allowing for adjustments. This system allows the propellers to work while being tilted at an angle of 45° and 90°relative to the surface of the water.

45 Degrees Positioning
At this angle, the aerator is always churning up new water and forcing the freshly oxygenated water out to other parts of the pond, easily generating enough oxygen for 1-3 acres of water.

For larger bodies of water, consider placing several in a row for even better current flow.

Horizontal Positioning
Pumping at an incredible 1379 gallons of water per minute!

The main function of the Flo-Ration in a horizontal position is to create current within the waters; constant movement for waters that are often too calm to maintain healthy aquatic life.

Vertical Positioning
In the vertical position, this product can provide pond aeration in up to 1-surface acre of water. A single unit at this angle is perfect for one acre of water or less. Water is constantly being circulated giving this aerator the ability to destratify and create high levels of dissolved oxygen for your pond.


Flo-Ration - the 3 in 1 aerator from Bearon Aquatics on Vimeo.

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