EasyPro 80 Pack, Concentrated Pond Dye (Powder)

EasyPro 80 Pack, Concentrated Pond Dye (Powder)

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80 count: Powder Concentrated Pond Dye (Powder)

EasyPro dye is a fish safe dye, and is a common part of good overall pond maintenance. There are no water restrictions associated with the use of pond dye. The pond dyes may be poured directly into the pond.

80 ct. pail, Concentrated Pond Dye 3 colors to choose from

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Serenity Blue


  • Four ounce water soluble packets, simply toss into pond for easy application
  • Three WSP's (water soluble packet) will treat one acre, 4 ft. deep
  • Dye is non staining.
  • Fish, pet, and Wildlife safe.
  • Each four ounce water soluble packet treats 1/3 acre, 3-4 ft. deep

Also available in 3 pack jar

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