Outdoor Water Solutions Telescopic Poles

Outdoor Water Solutions Telescopic Poles

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278.00 LBS
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Outdoor Water Solutions 25 ft. Telescopic Windmill (100 ft. of non-weighted airline, 50 ft. of weighted air line, airstone, foot valve and air line connector kit)

The Telescopic Windmill Aeration Systems includes 100` of regular air line, 50` of Weighted Airline, Airstone diffuser, Foot Valve and Hose Connector Pack.

The telescopic pole windmill system is ideal for ¼ acre to 3-acre ponds that are in public domain - such as golf courses or municipal ponds. The tower is designed like a 25 ft. tall light post and its modern style has attracted many residential and rural pond owners as well.

The tower design hides all airline which goes down from the compressor through the tower and it prevents any one from climbing the tower as well. Each system comes in three segments with a hinge system at the base for ease of assembly and installation.

The blade diameter on all units is a full 73 in. in diameter which is the largest windmill head on the market for pond aeration. This allows our units to pump up to 4.5 CFM of air and still turn at low wind speeds due to our windmill heads higher torque. We can also produce up to 30 psi of air allowing these units to aerate ponds or lakes that are 10 ft., 20 ft. or even 30 ft. deep.

The Outdoor Water Solutions “NEW” Wind Driven Aeration System offers:

  • New BalCam II technology minimizes bearing fatigue with new Stainless Steel components
  • Patent pending new design
  • Fast & Easy Assembly
  • Manufactured with high quality 18 gauge galvanized steel
  • Newly redesigned blades and front dome assembly for better air flow
  • Self-governing head to protect the unit in high winds
  • New secure locking mechanism that attaches the windmill head to shaft
  • Larger check valves and upgraded ½” airline to handle the increased air that is produced
  • High Air Output 3.0-4.5 CFM rating Rated at 30 psi
  • Full 5 year warranty on bearing's and cam's!

TPW0022: Functional Galvanized
TPW0093: Functional Powder-Coated
TPW0092: Functional-Deluxe Powder-Coated

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