Kasco Marine Aeration Systems

Kasco Marine Pond or Lake Aeration Systems are Easy to install, maintain, Low operating costs, and are Fully Customizable.

Its one of our favorites due to the very efficient Compressors and Diffuser assemblies.

Why use a Kasco Robust Aire System? • Better Water Quality • Bigger & Healthier Fish • Eliminate or Reduce Odors • Reduce Undesirable Algae • The most efficient Pond Aerator Lake Bottom Aeration system on the market

  • No electricity in the water. This can be especially important where swimming is allowed.
  • No floating equipment at the surface.
  • No electricity needed at the edge of the pond or lake. Robust-Aire can be remotely installed away from the water’s edge
  • The Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Diffuser is more effective at aerating deeper waters than a floating fountain or high-volume surface aerator.
  • The Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Aeration System is cost effective to purchase and operate for larger surface areas.
  • Low maintenance. Most maintenance and inspection may be conducted on shore. Rocking piston compressors do not require internal maintenance as often as other compressors.

Basic sizing is as follows if you have at least 8 ft of depth. They can aerate larger surface areas the deeper they are installed.

Check out our Sizing guide sheet to help determine the correct system. Keep in mind longer, irregular shaped ponds may require larger systems. Complete our online survey if you would like a free mapping proposal.