Airmax Silentair LR25 Compressor

Airmax SilentAir LR Series Aeration Compressors

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15.00 LBS
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Airmax SilentAir LR Series Linear Diaphragm Compressor creates and pushes up to 4.9 CFMs of oxygen while creating water movement in shallow ponds up to 6-feet deep. Made in the U.S.A., this highly efficient, long-lasting rubber diaphragm aeration compressor has an energy cost as low as $3.60 per month. Designed with a large air filter to maximize the life of the compressor and is a replacement motor for Airmax Shallow Water Series Aeration Systems. Available in two sizes. The SilentAir LR25 fits the SW20 pond aerator and is capable of aerating ponds up to 1/4 acre. The SilentAir LR50 fits the SW40 aeration system and aerates ponds up to 1/2 acre.

Tech Specs

 Airmax(r) SilentAir(tm) LR25 Compressor
SilentAir LR25
Airmax(r) SilentAir(tm) LR50 Compressor
SilentAir LR50
Voltage 115V/60Hz 115V/60Hz
Wattage 50-Watts 100-Watts
Amperage 0.43 Amps 0.87 Amps
Maximum Diffuser Depth 6' 6'
Max CFM 2.5 4.9
Monthly Operating Cost (24/7)* $3.60 $7.20
Replacement Compressor Fits Shallow Water Aeration Systems
SW20 or AM10-SW
Shallow Water Aeration Systems
SW40 or AM20-SW
Warranty 2-Year 2-Year

*Monthly Operating Cost was calculated at $0.10 per kilowatt hour. Please note that costs will vary depending on location.

Made in the U.S.A., 2−Year Warranty