Reinstalling Your Aeration Equipment

Reinstalling Your Aeration Equipment

Posted by Angela Murphy on on 7th May 2018

Aerating Fountains, Aerators, and Circulators

Wait to reinstall units until the pond is completely ice free and water temperatures are consistently above freezing. Not only is it unsafe to walk on thinning ice during re-installation, but ice that breaks off during the melt could cause damage if it encounters the unit. Remember, damage caused by ice is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

When your pond is, and will remain, ice free, pull the unit from storage and look it over for buildup on the can or debris such as fishing line, trash, or vegetation.

If you have a pressure washer available we do recommend that you give the unit a good wash down once a year.

Check the zinc anode to make sure that it’s not corroded and doesn’t need to be replaced.

Test your GFCI to make sure it is functioning properly. It is very important that the GFCI functions properly to protect your equipment as well as maintain safety for the folks that will be around your pond.

Diffused Aeration Systems

  • It is best to change the air filters on your compressor prior to putting the unit back into service.
  • If your compressor is over two years old or it has been more than two years since you did a rebuild on it, then it is best to go ahead and purchase a rebuild kit

Once you’ve taken the above steps, you are ready to reinstall and enjoy your unit again. All fountains, aerators, and circulators can be run continuously once they are back in the pond. In fact, we do recommend that they be run continuously as it is easier on the seals compared to being started and stopped numerous times. 

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