Why should I aerate my pond?

28th Jul 2021

Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth for one week. Strange and bad things would happen to your teeth and your mouth, and no one would want to be around you. It’s a similar situation for ponds and lakes—if nothing gets moved around within the basin, refreshed and cleaned, no one will want to go near it because it’s not healthy or appealing any longer.

Simply put, stagnant water stinks! If you live near a pond or lake where the water is not circulating—it’s stuck in one spot all the time—then plentiful amounts of green algae will bloom, and seemingly takes over what was once clear water.

When water’s not moving around, receiving life-giving oxygen, unwanted gases form and emanate from the sludge. You’ll know your water needs aeration if you smell a foul odor. No one wants to live near stagnant water, and they certainly don’t want to swim in it.

Absolute Aquatics of Leesville, South Carolina, can put a system into your local pond or lake to properly “aerate it.” We install a system that keeps your water moving and utilizing oxygen, so it doesn’t become stagnant, unappealing and smelly. Having an aeration system in place is simply a must for pond owners or lake caretakers.

Pond and lake aeration keeps the water and everything in it, including fish and swimmers, healthy. It reduces the risk of diseases spreading, and prevents sediments from accumulating.

Meanwhile, no one wants lots of mosquitoes around, and people want to look at water that is clear and healthy looking. That’s why it’s so important to properly aerate the body of water near you and the people you love. It’s a safety and well-being issue, and will make the water more aesthetically pleasing.

Do you want your pond to look like this?

Or like this?