C-25 120 Volt Control Panel inside view

Kasco Marine C-25 120 volt Timer Control with Photo Eye

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This Plug and Play 120 Volt C-25 Timer Control will turn an aerator, fountain, Circulator ON or OFF with the timer. LED Lights will turn ON or OFF with
the photo eye only works when the timer is ON. If the timer is OFF, the light outlet will not energize.

1. Push each tripper to the outer ring for every 15 minutes of activation time.

2. Set the current time by turning the innermost dial (clear) clockwise to advance the hour and minute
hands until the clock face displays the correct time AND the “TIME NOW” arrow is indicating the current
time on the outermost dial. (Note the PM hours are indicated by a black line at the outer edge.)
Setting the time by spinning the inner dial will help to avoid turning either dial too quickly.

3. Set the AUTO/ON switch to AUTO for automatic timer control.

4. Plug the aerator/fountain cord into the right side outlet (labeled UNIT).

5. Plug light kit cord into left side outlet (labeled LIGHT).

Kasco Control Panel Manual 


Kasco Marine, Inc. warrants the C-25 to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service. The Kasco Marine, Inc. obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing free of charge any defective part within two (2) years from date of purchase. Customer shall pay all shipping charges.