Bearon Aquatics FLO-GEN FG750 Areator

Bearon Aquatics FLO-GEN FG750 Areator

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44.00 LBS
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FLO-GEN FG750 Areator

120 Volt cord length max is 150 Feet

Flo-Gen was designed by adopting and simplifying aspects from Flo-Ration, our 3 in 1 aeration system. Unlike its predecessor, the Flo-Gen comes in 2 sizes (0.75 HP or 1 HP); both are a single propeller unit strictly dedicated to horizontal flow.

A fraction of the cost of competitor’s models.
Creates a strong turbulent current providing more surface area to diffuse oxygen.
Aids in cleaning out marinas, narrow canals, and any other area where unsightly and odorous debris can collect.
Vital in protecting ponds from mosquitos, unwanted bacteria/algae bloom, and turnover resulting in winter and summer sh kills.
Constantly mixes water layers, effectively keeping temperatures more consistent throughout the waterway.
Excellent for duck hunting. The current created will keep the “honey hole” from freezing.

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