Circulators / Mixers

Kasco Marine circulators provide valuable benefits to you in every season of the year. They can be used in a ponds, marinas and many other applications to eliminate stagnant water. Pond Circulators work well in De-icing too. These units are very efficient and the 3/4-1hp models are available in 120-240 volt. Max 200ft Power Cable for 120 volt and 500ft for 240volt units. To request additional information, click here.

duck-circulator water-circulators circulator

Example 1:

2 circulators being used in a marina. They keep the water debris free along the back side of the floating dock.

Example 2:

A 1/2 Hp Pond Circulator in use in a back yard pond. This picture really shows the churning action it produces

Example 3:

Our Customer in Northen Indiana didn't have a dock or a way of attaching equipment to keep an opening in the ice. This circulator allowed her pet ducks an escape from predators. She was so happy when we told her we had a solution.