Kasco Marine LED Composite Housing Light kit,3 Fixtures

Kasco Marine LED Composite Housing Light kit,3 Fixtures

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$877.00 - $2,027.00
9.00 LBS
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Flexible, affordable, and brilliant lighting packages for your Kasco Marine AF Aerators, J or VFX Fountains. Designed and engineered with a one piece composite housing and ultrasonic weld, these are the most durable water fountain lights on the market. They can also be retrofitted to fit any fountain

• Each fixture includes its own splitter cap allowing customers to leave the main power cord in the water along with the unit power cord when fixtures are pulled for service.
• Displays classic white color and includes red, green, blue and amber lenses with caps to place on each individual fixture. NOTE: These are not RGB Color changing lights.
• Available as a 3 fixture (1/2HP-2HP units) or 6 fixture package (2HP-5HP units) kit or 4 Fixture Package for the other brands of fountains
• Each kit includes fixtures, power cord, lenses and lens caps
• Systems run on 120Vac 60Hz power, each 11 watt fixture is rated at 910 lumens
• 1-piece composite housing ensures water-tight operation
• Lens is secured with cutting-edge technology for leak-free assembly
• Durable construction ensures many hours of enjoyment
• Includes all necessary mounting hardware
• 2 year warranty

LEDC11 Cut Sheet 

Note: Kasco Marine discontinued the LED3125 and LED6125 part numbers in favor of the more efficient C11 LED Lighting systems.