Kasco Marine LED Stainless Steel Housing Light Kit, 3 Fixtures

Kasco Marine LED Stainless Steel Housing Light Kit, 3 Fixtures

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$1,985.00 - $2,887.00
11.00 LBS
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Flexible, affordable, and brilliant lighting packages for your Kasco Marine AF Aerators, J or VFX Fountains. These rugged kits feature durable stainless steel housings and are available for 1/2HP-7.5HP Fountains

fountains and aerators.

These fixtures are designed for an extra bright display for your Fountain. Especially when the fountain lights are competing with other surrounding lighting such as overhead lights, path lights, and park lighting. Perfect for Large Horse Powered Fountains with Large patterns.

• Each kit includes red, green, blue and amber lenses along with lens caps
• Available as a 3 fixture (Kasco 1/2HP-2HP units) or 6 fixture (Kasco 3HP-7.5HP units) kits. Also Available in a 4 fixture set for other fountain brands
• Fixtures connected via daisy chain arrangement
• Each kit includes fixtures, power cord, lenses and lens caps
• Systems run on 120Vac 60Hz power, each 19 watt fixture is rated at 1,700 lumens
• Durable, marine-grade stainless steel housing ensures water-tight operation
• Includes all necessary mounting hardware
• UL listed and CSA certified
• 2 year warranty

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LEDS19 Operation & Maintenance Manual