Duck decoy

Outdoor Water Solutions Airstone Marker Decoys

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Airstone Marker Decoys

This is a great way to mark you airstone or diffuser location in your pond. Just attach the duck to your airstone or your airstone housing bucket and you can retrieve it anytime you want. This makes it easy and convenient to clean your diffusers or to adjust their physical location without having to drag everything into shore.

Duck Decoy:

We stock both male and female mallards. Please specify in the notes section of your order if you have a preference.

The ultra-realistic Gator head is a great alternative to our duck decoy marker. Available in 2 sizes.

The Gator head looks extremely realistic as it floats in the water. The other great benefit to having a Gator head in your pond is that it scares away predators. Blue heron's do not like alligators.

Made in the U.S.A. and hand painted to be extremely realistic. The eyes are a bright reflective red that will scare most predators away from your pond. Each has an eyelet in the bottom so you can attach a cord to secure it to the bottom. You can put 2 or even 3 out in your pond to really keep other birds and animals away.