Kasco Marine 3400D Deicer

Kasco Marine 3400D series De-Icer 3/4 HP

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$974.70 - $1,180.85
33.00 LBS
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NOTE: 25 FT. Cord NOT Available with 240 volt systems

The high-performance motor in the 3400D de-icer creates large amounts of water flow that will prevent ice formation and protect property from the damages of ice jacking and ice expansion pressure. The unit will also allow oxygen to enter the water in the winter providing improved water quality and habitat and helping avoid devastating winterkill of fish. A single 3400D unit can keep a circle of water open up to 75 ft. in diameter.

The 3400D is available in 120V (60Hz), 240V (60Hz) power configurations.

3400D 120V Cut Sheet 

3400D 240V Cut Sheet 

Owners Manual 

All units come with two 20 ft. (6m) mooring lines; optional mounting systems including a universal dock/pier mount, industrial dock/pier mount, or a horizontal float are available. Thermostat and timer controllers are also available to help you save power and improve your de-icer's performance.

2400D 1/2 HP 110-120V 5.7 29 LBS
3400D 3/4 HP 110-120V 7.0 36 LBS
 3400HD   3/4 HP  208-240V 3.5 36 LBS
4400D 1 HP 110-120V 9.1 41 LBS
4400HD 1 HP 208/240V 4.5 41 LBS