840475 Zinc Anode

Kasco Marine 840475 Zinc Anode For 5/8 inch Shafts

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This Zinc Anode is for motor shafts that are 5/8 inch thick only and protect the motor from electrolysis. If the Zinc anode is severally corroded or pitted its time to replace.

This fits all the Following Kasco Marine Fountains, Aerators, and Horizontal Circulators.

Pre-2015 - 1HP 4400VFX & 4400JF, 4400D. Note:Kasco has since gone a to 1/2 inch shaft motor on newer 1hp motors and would need part # 243475 for the 1/2 inch shaft motors.

Fits - 2HP 8400VFX Fountain, 2HP 8400JF Fountain, 2HP 8400CID Circulator, 3HP 3.1JF Fountain, 5HP 5.1VFX Fountain, 5HP 5.1JF Fountain.

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